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Viper Metal Detectors
Considered an addition to the Cobra family, the Viper is well-balanced, easy-to-use and perfect for fresh or salt water. Yet another detector exclusively available through Kellyco, delivering depth and performance at a price the average person can afford!
Viper Trident
The Viper Trident metal detector is fashioned after detectors that cost hundreds of dollars more. With advantages both in and out of the water, the Viper allows you to do it all! It’s all-terrain and all-purpose! The model we’re featuring comes standard with a 10” neutral buoyancy, concentric searchcoil. This high energy searchcoil is perfect for beaches, giving you maximum depth – Be prepared to dig deep! Because this metal detector can be safely submerged to 132 ft. underwater, you can take the entire detector – searchcoil, rod, control box and headphones – into the water with no adverse effects on your machine or its operation! As a new addition to the Cobra metal detector family, the Viper has exclusive features that are absolutely necessary for treasure hunting. Automatic tuning and ground balance allow you to literally use this metal detector anywhere. And the full-range discriminator will ignore more of the trash that litters beaches and parks – giving you more time to find the lost jewelry and coins! Not only is it the most affordable submersible machine on the market, it is also one of the easiest to use! With two easy-to-tune controls and factory recommended starting positions, it is extremely automatic. To use: Turn it on using the upper-left knob and continue turning it to adjust its sensitivity. Adjust the discrimination knob in the upper-right to tune out trash. Lower the searchcoil 1-2” above the ground and wait for both the sound of treasure and the Target Light to indicate something is buried below! The bright target light is well placed on the control panel to help you locate treasures not only with the audio signal, but visually as well! Submersible headphones come hardwired to the Viper metal detector, and its circuitry is sealed in a cylindrically shaped main control unit with dual, o-ring, water-tight housing. All external controls feature two o-ring seals to keep water out – even under the most intense pressure! The Viper operates at 12.5kHz frequency for exceptional depth and requires only one 9 volt battery. The aluminum rods are powder coated to eliminate erosion and is fully adjustable with a cam-lock. The maximum extended length is 46” – minimum length (best for diving) is 40” and it weighs 4.2lbs.
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